St. John: It’s About Time

The fiery flamboyant blooms all summer.

As any local will tell you, summer is one of the best kept secrets on St. John.  The flamboyant trees are in bloom, turning our already beautiful island into a riot of color.  The constellation Scorpio hangs over the horizon all night long–a magnificent sight with no sting at all.  The water is so warm.  The weather has been especially good this August–no storms at all save for Isaac, who skirted well south of the island and left only rain.   Continue reading


Gypsies in the Palace

So you’ve been to St. John for the day and you want to come back for more.  Or you’ve stayed in one of the island’s resorts, and now want to kick your experience up a notch.  Or maybe you’re already a veteran villa renter, looking for the most beautiful homes in the Caribbean. Whatever the case, you have just discovered the key to your next perfect vacation.

Salomon Beach, St. John

With St. John House Rentals, you can find the ideal home for your stay in paradise, from sprawling properties to accommodate the entire family to intimate little hideaways for two.

It’s easy.  To begin searching, click on Salomon Beach above.  Or the palm tree. Or that crystal blue water.

Check in with us regularly as we explore stunning St. John from the breathtaking vantage points of our tropical villas.  To paraphrase Jimmy Buffet, you too can be a gypsy in the palace for a week, or two, or maybe more.  Who knows?  If you decide to stay, you wouldn’t be the first person to come for vacation, and never leave…