St. John House Rentals is part of St. John Links, created, owned, and operated by longtime St. John resident Jean Vance.  Known as “Mean Jean” around the island, Jean has been designing websites and helping Virgin Islanders promote their homes, businesses, and artwork pretty much since the Internet connected this piece of paradise with the rest of the world.  She’s tough to spot but, like the turtles and spotted eagle rays, she’s out there, so keep your eyes open while you’re snorkeling. Don’t be scared.  She’s not mean at all.

If snorkeling’s not in your plan for today, check out our other links for everything you need to know about St. John:




And plan to visit soon.  The water feels so good.

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  1. I have a question about the pricing on villas. When you see a price and it says something like “$2600/week for 1 bedroom, $3000/week for 2 bedrooms, etc.” does that mean I can expect to see another couple renting at that villa at the same time I am??? Or, does that simply mean that I promise (or am not allowed) to use only 1 of the bedrooms in that house?

    Thanks – Pat

    • Hello Pat, No you will not have another couple renting the villa at the same time. Many of the houses that have more than one bedrooms will rent the whole house and close off the other bedrooms or let you know you are not allowed to use them. Enjoy your time on St. John.


  2. Thank you Jean. My wife and I are considering spending the whole month of May 2013 at a villa on St. John. It’s going to be difficult to figure out which one offers the nicest accommodations for the best price! I see there are many to choose from. We really like hiking, and playing in the water. We also really enjoy a spectacular view! We don’t always like being right down by the water, though, house-wise, because if the wind howls for more than a few days it can become obnoxious. With all this in mind, do you have an suggestions as to specific villas to consider? We’d like to keep our expenses for housing to about $3000/week or less.


    • A month on St. John sounds divine! All of the properties featured on St. John Links are wonderful and each has something different to offer. What we suggest is perusing the site — you can search by number of bedrooms, or choose by location or price — and narrowing your search down to a few houses. Then you can contact the owners or property managers directly to answer specific questions that will help you choose the house that’s perfect for you. No matter which villa you choose, you will never be far from hiking and water!

  3. Hi Jean! Do you know of any long-term rentals in or around Cruz Bay Area beginning October or November 2014 for 3-6+ months? 1 or 2 beds, pet friendly (1 well-behaved dog). Thanks!

    • Hello David. I am sorry to say I can’t help you there. I don’t know of any at this time but if I do hear of something I will email you. You may want to contact http://www.connectionsstjohn.com. They have a board where people advertise. I think for $5 a month you can put up an ad looking for a place or perhaps they can let you know of somewhere. Good luck. Great time to come. Welcome to St John soon.

    • Hello Cara,

      Sorry for the wait on your reply, I was flying to the US for the holidays with my family. Just got in. The answer to your question is yes, paying with a check is the norm. There are a few people who are set up with paypal or do credit cards but very few. Have a great time on St. John.


  4. Hello I’m interested in your rental property Cruz Bay Cottage the last week in August and the first week in September is there any break from for two week rental ?

    • Hello Waller,
      You need to go to this page http://stjohnhouserentals.com/1bedroom/cruz-bay-cottage/ for Cruz Bay Cottage and click on the email link to get the person who can answer your question. At St John House Rentals our homes are owned or run by a number of individuals and management companies and they all do their own booking. The email link on each home’s page will get you directly to the person who can help! We at St John House Rentals do not do bookings. I hope this helps. Thanks for using my site.


  5. Jean,
    We just purchased a home in Coral Bay and would like to know how we can be on your site? We are in the Estate Zootenvaal area.
    Pam Naylor
    “Livin Life Smilin”

    • Hello Pam,
      Congratulations on your new home. What a great area, so beautiful. Thanks for your request. I would make a page for you on my site http://stjohnhouserentals.com/and the email would go to you and you do the booking. My currant fee structure is $50 a month, $600 a year payable biannually or annually. If you choose to go with my site I can will need pictures and text which I can get off of either your site or VRBO. Know I promote the houses on my Facebook page for my business https://www.facebook.com/St-John-Links-443096405733596/ and since your house is in Coral Bay I will add a small video and link to your page on my http://coralbaystjohn.com/ for no extra charge.

      I look forward to hearing back from you whatever you choose. All the best on your new adventure. Love “Livin Life Smilin”. You can contact me at stjohnlinks@gmail.com

      Jean Vance

  6. Hi! We are looking for a long-term rental beginning in April or May. We need two bedrooms as we have 1 9 yr old daughter. We’re planning to stay 6 mos to 1 year, so we’d need something that could accommodate that. Do you know of anything? Could possibly get one of us there in March if something comes available. I saw a couple of listings on Craigslist, but they’re available now. I doubt the owners would want to wait until April or May to rent out their property. Any help would be appreciated. We’ve been planning this move for several years, and had to postpone because of Irma’s unwelcome visit to the island.

  7. Thank you for your request for information on my site stjohnhouserentals.com. At this time I list the house for $600 a year. I put up the page with as many pictures you would like to provide me along with the text and your contact information and you do the booking. I sent you an email with my email addresses.

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