Daffodil and Periwinkle – Signs of Spring

Daffodil Villa at St. John House Rentals

A sign of spring? Daffodil Villa on St. John.

We know it’s been a L O N G winter for some people. Even the travel writers have been descending on our little island more than usual.  (Read “Jewel of the Caribbean” in the Palm Beach Daily News or  “St. John, the Virgin Islands’ Wild Child” in The Philadelphia Inquirer.) While many of you up north are (still!) waiting for any signs of spring, we offer two of ours: daffodils (the Daffodil Villa) and periwinkle (the Periwinkle Cottage). Both are warm, lovely, cozy two-bedroom homes on two different sides of the island.

Rent Daffodil Villa from St. John House Rentals

The Sunset Suite at Daffodil Villa in Fish Bay.

Daffodil Villa is a bright yellow home with purple shutters (doesn’t that sound like spring?) overlooking Fish Bay. Daffodil has two equal master bedrooms, the Sunrise Suite (facing east) and the Sunset Suite (yup, facing west) separated by the great room for maximum privacy.

On the other side of the island, Periwinkle Cottage is another two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath delight. Designed by a local architect in the West Indian tradition, the open-air cottage takes full advantage of the Caribbean breezes (which do a great job rocking that hammock–which reminds us… it’s time for our nap…)

Periwinkle Cottage at St. John House Rentals

Periwinkle Cottage is designed in the traditional West Indian style.

To browse more of our affordable one- and two-bedroom rental homes (and bigger ones, too, if that’s what you need), click HERE. See you for cocktails at sunset!

Periwinkle 2-bedroom cottage at St. John House Rentals

A hammock–rocked by island breezes–awaits at Periwinkle Cottage.


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