King of the (St. John) Castle

St. John's very own Castle.  Yes, it's for rent.

St. John’s very own castle. Yes, it’s for rent.

There are so many beautiful homes on St. John, it’s easy to live like a king (or queen) while vacationing here.  But even regulars familiar with the island might be surprised to see this particular palace.


Checkmate: Castle St. John is fit for a queen (or king).

Castle St. John is a five-level beauty featuring two bedrooms with adjoining private baths, modern kitchen, tiled outdoor shower, tropical courtyards, a zen garden, and balconies with breathtaking views of Coral Bay and the British Virgin Islands.

And, for those who want their daily strategizing
to include more than just deciding which National Park beach to visit, would you believe…this?

Yes, that’s a giant chess set on the sundeck. One of the most unusual sights you’re likely to see in the Virgin Islands?  Check!

For the bride-to-be, Castle St. John is the perfect setting for a wedding.  Get married and honeymoon in true fairy tale fashion, with a Caribbean twist.

We’ll have more on how to plan your island wedding and get married by St. John’s Barefoot Minister, Anne Marie Porter, in our next post.

The fairy-tale glow of Castle St. John at night.

The fairy-tale glow of Castle St. John at night.


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