Snorkel the Underwater Trail

Attention all you locals out there who bypass one of St. John’s most beautiful beaches because of the fee:  On Saturday, September 29, admission to Trunk Bay is free.

Explore the National Park underwater at Trunk Bay.

Admission is free at all U.S. National Parks on Saturday in recognition of National Public Lands Day.  If you’ve always wanted to check out the underwater snorkel trail, now’s your chance. Who knows?  You might come face to face with a barracuda… or a sunburned tourist!

If you’re planning your first visit to St. John, here are a few things you should know:  The island is two-thirds National Park and most of the beaches in Virgin Islands National Park are free every day. Want to stay up close and personal with Mother Nature after the sun sets?  You can stay overnight within the park grounds by renting a tent, cottage, or bare campsite at Cinnamon Bay. (Here’s rate information, plus a preview of what it will sound like.) If you prefer more creature comforts with your sleeping arrangements, St. John House Rentals has accommodations to fit any size party and budget.

By the way, even on days when you have to pay, it only costs $4 to swim at Trunk Bay.  To see what you’re missing on land, check out this underwater virtual tour of the snorkel trail.


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