St. John: It’s About Time

The fiery flamboyant blooms all summer.

As any local will tell you, summer is one of the best kept secrets on St. John.  The flamboyant trees are in bloom, turning our already beautiful island into a riot of color.  The constellation Scorpio hangs over the horizon all night long–a magnificent sight with no sting at all.  The water is so warm.  The weather has been especially good this August–no storms at all save for Isaac, who skirted well south of the island and left only rain.  

August is a popular time for families to vacation on St. John.  Think it’s about time for yours to visit?

It’s About Time

The aptly named It’s About Time villa has four air-conditioned bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a pool–everything you need to keep cool until heading out for a day of hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, or sailing in Virgin Islands National Park.  The villa has a yard on one side… and a sweeping view of Coral Bay on the other.

From high atop Ajax Peak, “It’s About Time” opens onto a sweeping view of Coral Bay.

Click on the photo of It’s About Time to take a peek inside.

To browse more villas, click on those gorgeous red blooms above.


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